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LEGALDOCS - Parental Waiver and Release Questionnaire

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This is an example of a completed Parental Waiver and Release.

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This Waiver and Release is used to release one party, (known as the "Released Party") from liability for claims asserted by another person, whom we can call the "Claiming Party". A Waiver and Release is often used when the Claiming Party is using the property, equipment or service of the Released Party. For example, the following situations will often require a waiver:

Claiming Party Type of Activity Released Party
School Student Field Trip School District
Water Park Guest Admission and use of Park Park Owner
Parade Participant Using tractor/trailer as a float Truck/Trailor owner
Karate Student Taking martial arts lessons Martial Arts School

As shown, persons or companies that let others use their facilities or services often feel the need to protect themselves against liability, in the event the persons using those facilities hurt themselves in their activities. A waiver, such as this form, will help to insulate the owner from such liability. However, be forewarned that a Waiver is not always 100% effective. Even after having a signed Waiver, the Claiming Party may still sue for damages. The Claiming Party may claim that the waiver is not effective for a variety of reasons; for example, he or she did not understand the waiver, or the waiver was not signed willingly, or he or she did not have legal capacity (i.e., he or she was a minor, or mentally incompetent) when he or she signed.

In general, the more descriptive you are in writing the waiver, the more likely it will be upheld in court. If the person signing is under 18 years old, a waiver is generally not effective unless signed by a parent or guardian.

Note: You do not need to punctuate at the end of your entries. If you do not enter data in a field below, then a blank space will appear in its place on your Waiver and Release form. Use this form if Claiming Party is a minor. If Claiming Party is not a minor and you want to create a Waiver and Release form, then go to General Waiver and Release.

To create a Waiver and Release, complete this Form.


Full name of the Claiming Party: .
Full name of Parent/Guardian of Claiming Party: .
Legal relationship of Parent/Guardian of Claiming Party:
i.e., "mother", or "father", or "legal guardian"
Full name of the Released party: .


Finish this sentence:

Claiming Party assumes any risk, takes full responsibility and waives any and all claims of personal injury, including severe bodily injury, damage to personal property and death relating to:

. (For example:

  • "utilizing the facilities and equipment of Gumbo's Gym on June 11, 2000, located at 2929 La Jolla Road, La Jolla, California,"
  • "entering and participating in Joe's Dart Contest, located at 8766 Front Street, San Diego, California on May 6, 2000,"
  • "membership and motocross racing in Motorcycle Mania at Portland Motorcycle Race Track, located at 2600 Derby Road, Portland, Oregon" or
  • "taking swimming lessons at YMCA, at 540 Grossmont Center Road, La Mesa, California, June 21-July 20, 2000.")

Place of Signing:

Enter the County and State where this document will be signed:

  • This document will be signed in the County of:
  • County.
  • This document will be signed in the State of:
  • .

    This completes the information input for your Parental Waiver and Release. When you Send this Form, this program will prepare a Summary of the Parental Waiver and Release for your review. Make sure that all facts stated in the Summary are correct in all respects.


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