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LEGALDOCS - Amendment to Trust

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THERE IS A CHARGE OF $14.90 TO OBTAIN AND PRINT THIS DOCUMENT. You can proceed with the Questionnaire, and obtain a Amendment to Trust free of charge, but to obtain the final, completed document, ready for viewing and instant printing (or Save-to-File), you will be asked to submit credit card information and will be billed $14.90. However, please feel free to complete or review this Questionnaire and the Summary which will be produced. It is educational and will provide some insight regarding which areas, minimally, should be covered, and will let you see if the subject matters important to you are covered in the Amendment to Trust

Once you pay for the document, you can return to this site and access and modify the completed document for 24 hours as long as you use the same computer. The completed document is available in MSWord format, so you can print and/or save it to your hard drive. You can then modify the document on your system in MSWord, or (during the initial 24 hour period) modify the document by clicking on the document link in You can also copy/paste the document into any other word processor and print or make changes as you desire.

In some examples below, suggested language is shown in double quotes ("). DO NOT use double quotes in any entry fields below. Use of double quotes will cause anything entered after a double quote to be lost in the final document.

This document is used to modify a revocable trust, where there is one trustor or there are two trustors (also referred to as "settlors"). Unless the trust is clearly stated as irrevocable, most trusts can be modified at the will of the trustors. To complete this document, you will be asked questions regarding your existing revocable trust, so you should have that document with you when completing this questionnaire.

To create an Amendment to Trust, complete this form.

(NOTE: In completing this form, never use a double quote (") character. The double quote character is not compatible with the programming for this website.)

Information regarding the Trust, Trustor and Trustees

Enter the full name of the exising Trust as it appears on the Trust:

    (For example, The John and Jane Mathews Revocable Living Trust dated June 1, 2000)

    The Trust has One Settlor Two Settlors.

    The Trust has One Trustee Two Trustees.

Synopsis of Types of Amendments to the Trust

Choose the types of amendments and number of each type you want to make to your Trust:
    Amendments to existing terms of the Trust.
    Will you amend any existing sections in the Trust?


    Yes, I will be amending separate sections of the Trust.

    Adding new terms to the Trust.
    Will you add new terms to the Trust?


    Yes, I will be adding new sections to the Trust.

    Removing existing terms of the Trust.
    Will you remove any existing sections in the Trust?


    Yes, I will be removing separate sections of the Trust.

    Names of the Trustor and Trustee:

      Enter the name of the Trustor/Settlor:

      Enter the name of the sole Trustee:

    Specific amendments to the Trust

    Description of Existing Trust allowing amendments

    The heading/title and number of the specific section of the Trust that specifies that the Trust may be amended by the Trustor is (For example: Section4.2.4; OR ARTICLE II; OR Section 4.2, paragraph (B).)

    Write the full text of the above titled section that allows the Trustor to amend the Trust in the box below:

      (For example: This trust may be amended at the sole discretion of the Trustors at any time, by executing a written amendment.).

      This completes the information input for your Amendment to Trust. When you Send this Form, this program will prepare a Summary of the Amendment to Trust for your review. Make sure that all facts stated in the Summary are correct in all respects.

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