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LEGALDOCS - Rental Application Questionnaire

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This form will produce a standard form Rental Application, providing basic information about a prospective tenant and the tenant's financial history.

If more than one tenant is renting the premises, each tenant should complete this application.

Use this form for a Blank Rental Application which you can print and fill out by hand.

Use this form for a Residential Lease.

Use the Guaranty Agreement if you need a guarantor for tenant's lease obligations.

To complete your Rental Application, complete this form.

Landlord Information:

Name of Landlord:

Premises and Lease Information:

Full Address of the leased Premises:

Description of the Premises (for example, 1BR/1BA, or 3 BR/2.5BA house):

Description of Parking (for example, 1 "Car Garage", or "2 marked spaces" or "none provided"):

Commencement Date of Lease Term (for example, Nov. 10, 2006):

Lease Term (for example, "Month to Month", or "Six Months"):

Monthly Rental Amount: $ Security Deposit: $

Application Fee Received (for cost of credit check, etc.): $

Number of Occupants for the Premises:

Applicant Information:

Current Address:
Home Tel. Number: Work Tel. Number:
Driver's License No.: Social Security No.:

Employment History:

Employer Name:
Employer Telephone No.:
Contact Person Name:
Length at this Job: Current Monthly Salary: $

Financial History:

Checking Account No.:
Savings Account No.:
Bank Name:
Bank Address:
Name of Credit Reference:
Tel.# of Credit Reference:

Have you ever been evicted? No Yes
Have you ever been sued for unlawful detainer? No Yes
Have you ever been delinquent in paying rent during the last 3 years? No Yes

Name of Last Landlord:
Telephone Number of Last Landlord:

Signing Location

This application will be signed in the city of , state of .

This completes the information input for your Rental Application. When you Send this Form, this program will prepare a Summary of the Rental Application for your review. Make sure that all facts stated in the Summary are correct in all respects.


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