This form will produce a blank Rental Application, providing basic information about a prospective tenant and the tenant's financial history. Have your prospective tenant complete and sign the form.

If more than one tenant is renting the premises, each tenant should complete this application.

Use this form for a Rental Application which you can fully complete on-line.
Use this form for a Residential Lease.
Use the Guaranty Agreement if you need a guarantor for tenant's lease obligations.


Premises and Lease Information:
Address: ______________________________
Description: ______________________________
Parking: ______________________________
Rental Start Date: _______________ Lease Term: _______________
Monthly Rent: $_______________ Security Deposit: $_______________
Application Fee: $_______________ # of Occupants: _______________
Applicant Information:
Name: ______________________________
Current Address: ______________________________
Home Tel. Number: _______________ Work Tel. Number: _______________
Driver's License No.: _______________ Social Security No.: _______________
Applicant's Employment History:
Occupation: _______________
Employer's Name: ______________________________
Employer Tel. Number: _______________ Length at this Job: _______________
Employer Contact Person: ______________________________
Current Salary: $_______________
Applicant's Financial History:
Checking Account #: _______________ Savings Account #: _______________
Bank Name: ______________________________
Bank Address: ______________________________
Credit Reference: __________________ Tel. Number: _______________
Have you ever been evicted? _____
Have you ever been sued for unlawful detainer? _____
Have you ever been delinquent in paying rent during the last 3 years? _____
Name of Last Landlord: __________________ Tel. Number: _______________

As a material inducement to be considered as a tenant for the Premises, I herewith consent to and authorize _______________________, or any agent of same, to contact all references named in this application, and to conduct a credit review, including obtaining my credit report from any authorized credit reporting agency.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the information listed in this application is true and correct.

Executed on this _____ day of _______________, , in the city of _______________, state of _______________.

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