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LEGALDOCS - Office Lease Questionnaire

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This is an example of a completed Office Lease.

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Skip this explanation and go directly to the Questions below:

This Lease is appropriate and intended as an office lease in a multi-tenant office building. Rent is based on a fixed dollar amount, with provisions for sharing or not sharing common area maintenance ("CAM") costs. The rent amount is purely subject to market conditions and negotiation. Most leases now require Tenant to pay some or all of Landlord's costs (NNN Lease), although there still exist leases where the Tenant pays only rent and no CAM charges (Gross Lease).

This form is designed to provide many options including the initial lease term ( the time which the tenant is in possession), whether to grant one or more options for renewal, and if so, for how long, and options to maintain the rent as fixed, or adjusted. If the rent is to be adjusted, this form permits you to choose different alternatives of how such adjustment will be made.

To create an Office Lease, complete this form.

Parties and Office Location

The Landlord's full name is:

(for example, "Austin Real Estate Corp., a Texas Corporation")
The Landlord's address for rent and notices is:

The Tenant's full name is:

(for example, "GRW Cleaning, LLC, a Texas Limited Liability Company")
The Tenant's address for notices is:

The specific address of the Office is:

(for example, "222 Maple Drive, Suite 230, Austin, Texas, 88888" OR

"222 Maple Drive, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 88888, as shown in Red

in the diagram on Exhibit A attached to this Lease")

Term and Options

The lease will have an initial Term of months.
The Term will start on
The Term will end on

Option To Extend Term
    Does Tenant have any options to extend the Lease Term?


    Yes, Tenant has option(s), with each option having a term of months, to extend this Lease

    If Tenant exercises any option granted in this Lease, the new base Rent at the first and any subsequent option period (if any) will be:

    the same as otherwise set forth in this lease, with no further adjustments.

    increased by percent over the Rent paid in the previous year.

    increased to the fair market value of similar leaseholds in the vicinity as agreed by the parties, and if no agreement by appraisal.

    adjusted as follows: .

    Rent and Security Deposit

    The monthly rent for the premises is $, to be pre-paid monthly on the first day of each month.

    Tenant shall pay a security deposit of $, which shall be paid:

    Within three days after this Lease is signed.

    When the first rent payment is due.




    Will Tenant be given any initial reduction or abatement in rent?


    Yes, for the first months following the Commencement Date,
    Rent will be reduced by percent.

    Annual Rent Adjustments

    Will the rent be adjusted on an annual basis? No. Yes.

    If Yes, how will the rent adjustment be determined?

    according to the CPI "Urban Wage Earner's U.S. City Average published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
    according to the following CPI index:

    Rent will be increased at the rate of percent each year over the rate of the prior year.

    If you chose a CPI adjustment above, do you want to have a minimum and maximum adjustment limit?


    Yes, with a minimum adjustment of percent (leave blank if not applicable) and a maximum adjustment of percent per year.

    Tenant Improvements:
    Will Landlord perform any Tenant Improvement to the premises?


    Yes. Prior to the Commencement Date, Landlord will perform Tenant Improvements.
    (Describe in detail the ti's Landlord will perform.) FINISH THIS SENTENCE.
    Landlord will perform Tenant Improvements consisting of


    (for example, "... installing new carpeting throughout the office" OR

    "those items more specifically set forth in Exhibit B attached hereto")

    Common Area Maintenance ("CAM") Charges:
    Tenant shall be responsible for Tenant's proportional share of the following CAM charges:

    No CAM charges (a Gross Lease).

    All CAM charges (a Triple Net Lease).

    The following CAM charges:

    All CAM charges, except:

    Make no reference to Common Area Maintenance in the agreement.

    CAM charges are based on the ratio of the square foot area of the office space to the total rentable space in the building. The square feet of the leased office space is square feet, and the square feet of total leaseable space is square feet.
    (This is not included if you chose "No CAM charges" or "make no reference" above.)

    Landlord will provide (subject to Tenant's CAM obligations to repay, if any) the following utilities:




    Trash Pickup

    Heating & Ventilation, available (for example, "7 days a week, 24 hours a day, excluding national holidays")

    Air Conditioning, available (for example, "7 days a week, 24 hours a day, excluding national holidays")

    Describe your own terms. Complete this sentence: Utilities will be provided and paid as follows:


    Describe the Janitorial Services provided at Landlord's expense:


    Only for common areas and common area restrooms as needed

    Trash removal from office every day and general cleaning once per week

    As follows: .

    Make no reference to Janitorial in the agreement.

    Parking Rights:
    Tenant has the following parking rights:


    A non-exclusive right for the use of Tenant's customers and invitees in the common parking area.

    The exclusive use of parking spaces in the parking area.

    As follows: .

    Permitted Use
    The permitted use of the Premises is:

    General office purposes.

    Describe the permitted use of the Premises. (FINISH THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE, and do not capitalize the first word or use an ending period.) The permitted use of the Premises is:

    Is smoking allowed in the Building?

    No, the entire building is "smoke free".

    Smoking is only allowed in specially designated smoking areas.

    There are no restrictions against smoking in the building.

    Do not insert any provision regarding smoking in the Lease.

    Will Tenant be required to carry casualty insurance?


    Yes, with a policy limit of not less than the replacement value of the Improvements on the Premises.

    Will Tenant be required to carry blanket commercial liability insurance?


    Yes, with a policy limit of not less than $.

    Will Tenant be required to carry business interruption (rental guarantee) insurance?


    Yes, with coverage equal to month's rent.

    Other Provisions:

    If you want to add any other provisions to this lease, write the additional provisions in this space.

    (for example, "Landlord agrees that in the event Tenant has timely paid all of Tenant's rent obligations during the term, Tenant may renew this Lease for an additional twelve months on the same terms and conditions as set forth herein.")

    Enter the place where this Lease will be signed:

    This completes the information input for your Office Lease. When you Send this Form, this program will prepare a Summary of the Office Lease for your review. Make sure that all facts stated in the Summary are correct in all respects.


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