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LEGALDOCS - Assignment of Lease Questionnaire

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This is an example of a completed Assignment of Lease.

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A lease assignment is used when a new tenant moves into a real estate location, but the parties want to continue the tenancy under the existing lease. This happens for many reasons, including the tenant going out of business, the sale/purchase of a business, or desire to move a business location. To give the new tenant (the Assignee) the same legal rights that the original tenant (the Assignor) had in the real property (and to continue the lease), the parties usually execute a written Assignment of Lease, which they then have the Landlord sign to show the Landlord's consent (if required under the existing lease). The Assignment of Lease provided through this Site provides standard language which transfers the tenancy from the Assignor to the Assignee.

To complete your Assignment of Lease, fill out this form.


    Please enter the following information about the parties to this Assignment of Lease.

    Assignor's Name:
    Assignee's Name:
    Landlord's Name:


Enter the address of the premises which is subject to the Lease.

The Lease being assigned is dated (for example, December 1, 1995):

The Lease has a term (number of months or years of duration) of .

(for example: "ten years" OR "24 months")

The Lease has a starting date of .
(NOTE: The starting date, also known as the commencement date, may be different than the date the lease was signed.)

The Lease has an end date or termination date of .


This Assignment allows you to determine how the security deposit paid by Assignor to Landlord (if any) will be handled. You can chose to have the Assignee pay an agreed upon amount to the Assignor, have each party make their separate agreement with the Landlord, or delete any reference to a security deposit in the Assignment.
    Make no reference to a security deposit in the Assignment.
    Assignee will pay to Assignor $ no later than days before taking possession of the premises.
    Each party has made their separate arrangements with the Landlord, and Assignee will not pay any amount to Assignor.


Will a copy of the Lease be attached to the Assignment of Lease? (It is advisable to attach a full copy of the Lease being assigned to the document, to make sure there is absolutely no dispute over which property interest is being assigned.)

Yes, a copy will be attached.

No, a copy will not be attached.

The Assignment will be construed under the laws of the State of .

The person who will sign the Assignment of Lease on behalf of the Assignor is


The person who will sign the Assignment of Lease on behalf of the Assignee is


This completes the information input for your Assignment of Lease. When you Send this Form, this program will prepare a Summary of the Assignment of Lease for your review. Make sure that all facts stated in the Summary are correct in all respects.


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