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LEGALDOCS - Independent Contractor Agreement Questionnaire

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This is an example of a completed Independent Contractor Agreement.

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This agreement allows you to draft a contract for services to be performed by an independent contractor. An independent contractor is a person who is self-employed, but performs work for others. The independent contractor is not an employee of the persons for whom he or she performs work (hereafter called the "Client"), and therefore does not receive benefits such as health insurance, vacation pay, etc. from the Client Additionally, the Client does not pay taxes for the independent contractor, and does not carry disability, unemployment, or worker's compensation insurance for the independent contractor.

For example, one might hire an independent contractor to create a computer program to track the inventory in a general store, or to build a wine cellar. Generally, an independent contractor is hired to complete a project. An independent contractor sets his or her own hours, and controls the manner in which the project is completed. The Client cannot hire a person full-time, set the person's work hours, and control the manner in which the work is done, yet consider the person an independent contractor in order to avoid paying taxes and certain requisite insurance. If an employer fraudulently pays an employee as an independent contractor, such employer may face back-taxes and penalties from the Internal Revenue Service, or may be found guilty of failing to provide worker's compensation insurance.

To create an Independent Contractor Agreement, complete this questionnaire.


Enter the full names of the parties. The Independent Contractor is the person or business providing the services. The Client is the person or business paying for the services.

Independent Contractor:
    The Client is: The Contractor is:
    an individual an individual
    a sole proprietorship a sole proprietorship
    a partnership a partnership
    a corporation a corporation
    a limited liability company a limited liability company


Enter the date that this Agreement becomes effective. Please write out the month, day, and year.

When will this Agreement Terminate?

    (enter a date):.
    When the Contractor has finished the project called for in this Agreement.
    Upon the Client or the Contractor giving days Notice to Terminate this Agreement.

Complete this sentence:
(for example: "install a heating system in Client's home" or "provide consulting services to network all of Client's computers" or "remove the large oak tree in .. " or "clean all windows of the high rise building at ..."
(do not capitalize at the beginning, and do not use a period at the end of the sentence)

How will the Independent Contractor be compensated? Contractor will be paid:

    $ per hour.
    $ [per week] [bi monthly] [per month]
    $ flat fee for the project.
    percent of
    Other. Describe the compensation if none of the above apply: Finish this sentence: FOR CONTRACTOR'S SERVICES, CONTRACTOR WILL RECEIVE: ....


    (for example: "all revenues received by Client resulting from Contractor's sales efforts")

Required Authorization
Describe anything the Independent Contractor may not due without the express authorization from Client. Finish this sentence: CONTRACTOR MAY NOT, WITHOUT CLIENT'S AUTHORITY, .
(If left blank, this section will not appear in the Agreement.)

Will Client reimburse Independent Contractor for expenses incurred in the performance of Contractor's duties?

    No, Independent Contractor is liable for Contractor's own expenses.
    Yes, Independent Contractor will be reimbursed for the

    following expenses (for example, automobile, travel, meals, telephone):


Trade Secrets
A Trade Secrets Clause contains provisions forbidding the Independent Contractor from revealing any of Client's trade secrets, including the identity of customers, contents of files, or formulas and patents used by Client. Would you like to include a Trade Secrets Clause in this Agreement?



A Non-Competition Clause prohibits the Independent Contractor from engaging in any form of competition with Client for the duration of the Agreement. Would you like to include a Non-Competition Clause in this Agreement?



Attorney's Fees
An Attorney's Fees clause allows the winning party in any lawsuit between Client and the Independent Contractor to recover reasonable attorney's fees incurred in addition to their other damages. Would you like this Agreement to contain an Attorney's Fees Provision?



Enter the name of the State whose laws shall govern this agreement.

Provide the following information about the place where this Agreement will be signed:


This completes the information input for your Independent Contractor Agreement. When you Send this Form, this program will prepare a Summary of the Independent Contractor Agreement for your review. Make sure that all facts stated in the Summary are correct in all respects.


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