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LEGALDOCS - Hunting Lease Questionnaire

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This hunting lease was developed partly from a form provided to us by the good folks at the Smith's Tin House, a private Guest House Bed & Breakfast, which provides wonderful accommondations in historic Johnson City, Texas. In addition to having a great bed & breakfast, these folks also lease land to hunters for all or part of a hunting season. The Smith's Tin House folks asked us if we had a hunting lease, and upon hearing no, mailed us a hunting lease which was published by the Texas Bar Association. We here at Legaldocs reviewed the Texas Bar lease, and based on their lease and on general contract principles, developed the hunting lease you will find here. While the hunting lease here is a good contract between two parties, Legaldocs has no knowledge about hunting or fish and game laws in Texas or any other state, and we make no representations regarding the legal effect of this hunting lease. However, since somewhat similar language was published by the Texas Bar Association, this Lease should suffice for your purposes.

Please email Cynthia Smith at Smith's Tin House a line if you have any questions or need for lodgings at Johnson City, Texas, or if you have any desire to hunt in the Lone Star State.

To create a Hunting Lease, complete this form.


Your Full Name:
e-mail Address:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Land Owner's Name:


Land Owner's Address:

Tenant's (hunter's) Name:


Tenant's Address:

Other persons entitled to hunt on the Land:

This section provides a choice on who is entitled to entry on the Land along with the Tenant named above. Chose one of the following:

The hunting license is granted to Tenant, and

no other persons whatsoever.

(type in the names of all other persons allowed on the Property.)

those persons specifically named in the Exhibit named "Allowed Guests" attached to

the Lease (you need to attach an Exhibit titled "Allowed Guests" to this Lease.)

Tenant's guests, agents, employees, invitees, or visitors.

(This will allow Tenant to bring whomever Tenant wants, without restriction.)

Lease Property Description:

The Property subject to this Lease is described as:

For example, "approximately 400 acres of land situated on County Road 110, Blanco County, Texas", OR "approximately 400 acres of land known as the Johnson Ranch, shown highlighted in red on the map attached to this Lease as Exhibit "__".

Duration of Lease:

The first day of the Lease is , and the last day of the Lease is .


Chose one of the options shown below. Rent for the Lease is:
$ for the entire rental period, due on: (insert date).
$ for each week, due:

(describe. For Example, "before the beginning of each week")

$ for each month, due:

(describe. For Example, "10 days before the beginning of each month")

$ per person, or $ total, whichever is more,

for the entire rental period, due: (describe)

as follows:

(describe your own arrangement if none of the above fit. Complete the sentence "Rent will be paid as follows: _____________" Do not capitalize the first word, and use no period at the end of the sentence.)

Security Deposit:

Will Tenant be required to pay a security deposit to hold the Property and to insure Tenant's faithful performance of the Lease?
Yes, Tenant shall pay a security deposit of $, no later than


The use of land is restricted to the following:
For example, "hunting of whitetail deer, and other game in season"


Will the Tenant be required to maintain insurance covering Tenant's use of the leased property?
Yes, with limits of $ for bodily injury and $ for property damage.

Jurisdictional Information:

The Property is located in the County of , State of (spell out full name).

Additional Provisions:

In this space you can add additional terms and conditions which will be inserted into the Lease. Use normal punctuation.

This completes the information input for your Hunting Lease. When you Send this Form, this program will prepare a Summary of the Hunting Lease for your review. Make sure that all facts stated in the Summary are correct in all respects.


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