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LEGALDOCS - Employment Nondisclosure Agreement Questionnaire

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This is an example of a completed Employment Nondisclosure Agreement.

THERE IS A CHARGE OF $9.95 TO OBTAIN AND PRINT THIS DOCUMENT. You can proceed with the Questionnaire, and obtain a Employment Nondisclosure Agreement free of charge, but to obtain the final, completed document, ready for viewing and instant printing (or Save-to-File), you will be asked to submit credit card information and will be billed $9.95. However, please feel free to complete or review this Questionnaire and the Summary which will be produced. It is educational and will provide some insight regarding which areas, minimally, should be covered, and will let you see if the subject matters important to you are covered in the Employment Nondisclosure Agreement

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This Agreement can be used to protect innovations and secrets from use by others. Employment nondisclosure agreements are typically used when an employee is exposed to trade secrets which must be kept confidential by the employer.

Be advised that trade secret doctrines are not federal law. Although very similar, each state has its own laws regarding trade secrets. To protect your trade secrets, it is important to show that you have treated the material as confidential (i.e., storing copies of information in secure places, locking up computer programs, labeling things "confidential", having those you work with sign nondisclosure forms, etc.), and that the information has aided your competitive position.

Also note that "ideas" are not normally protected as trade secrets. A trade secret involves some formula, method of production, patent, or process not known to the public. An idea to "develop a new doll which looks like Santa Claus with black hair" will not ordinarily be protected.

To create an Employment Nondisclosure Agreement, complete this form.


Enter the name of the employer whose trade secrets will be protected (The "Company"):

The Company is:

Enter the name of the employee who is promising to maintain the trade secret (The "Employee"):


Click the button next to those items that you want to include (click "Yes") within the definition of trade secrets:

Yes No Computer program listings, source code, and object code
Yes No All information relating to programs now existing or currently under development by Company, including but not limited to flow charts, design statistics, specifications, evaluations, test results, and beta-test results
Yes No Vendor and/or customer lists and records
Yes No Programming techniques and development tools
Yes No Management tools and problem-solving techniques
Yes No Describe any additional trade secret you want to include in this box:
(Capitalize the first word and punctuate at the end of the sentence.)


Complete the Sentence: The length of time this Employment Nondisclosure Agreement is to remain in effect is:



Indefinitely, or until released in writing by Company.

Until (specify date, or an event).

(For example: "two years following Employee's final project with Company" OR "12/31/1999".)


Insert any additional matters you want to include in this agreement.

Use complete sentences and correct punctuation.
Note: IF this area remains blank, there will be no reference
to "Additional Matters" in this agreement


This Agreement will be signed in the

City of:
State of:

This Agreement shall be construed under the laws of the

State of:

This completes the information input for your Employment Nondisclosure Agreement. When you Send this Form, this program will prepare a Summary of the Employment Nondisclosure Agreement for your review. Make sure that all facts stated in the Summary are correct in all respects.


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