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LEGALDOCS - Employment Agreement Questionnaire

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This is an example of a completed Employment Agreement.

THERE IS A CHARGE OF $14.50 TO OBTAIN AND PRINT THIS DOCUMENT. You can proceed with the Questionnaire, and obtain a Employment Agreement free of charge, but to obtain the final, completed document, ready for viewing and instant printing (or Save-to-File), you will be asked to submit credit card information and will be billed $14.50. However, please feel free to complete or review this Questionnaire and the Summary which will be produced. It is educational and will provide some insight regarding which areas, minimally, should be covered, and will let you see if the subject matters important to you are covered in the Employment Agreement

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Enter the names of the parties.

The Employer is a:

The address of the Employer is .

Name the State where the employment is taking place: .


Enter the date Employee is expected to start working for Employer.

Provide the Employee's job title. .

The employee shall have the following duties and responsibilities. COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE: (do not capitalize the first word, and do not end the sentence with a period) THE EMPLOYEE'S DUTIES SHALL CONSIST OF:

The Employee's compensation will be $, payable:

per hour.

every Week.

every two Weeks.

twice every Month.

as follows: (use your own description if compensation is, for example, based on commission, or some formula other than above.)

If any portion of Employee's compensation is derived from commissions, state how commissions will be handled following termination of employment. FINISH THIS SENTENCE:
Following Employee's termination, Employee's rights to any commissions shall: (FOR EXAMPLE: "terminate" OR "continue as follows: ... " OR "be reduced as follows: ...")

(If left blank, this provision will not appear in the agreement.)

Paid Vacation Leave
Is Employee entitled to paid vacation leave?


Yes, if the employment lasts for one year, week(s) during the first year, and week(s) for any subsequent year.

Health Insurance
Is Employee entitled to participate in Employer's group health insurance plan available to Employer's other employees?



Not applicable, as Employer has no group health insurance plan.

Other Benefits
If Employee is entitled to any other benefits not covered above, complete this next sentence: IN ADDITION TO THE BENEFITS SHOWN ABOVE, EMPLOYEE IS ENTITLED TO: .

Duration of Employment
The employment can be "at will", for a specific time period, or for an unspecified duration terminable only "for cause". An "at will" employment allows termination of employment at the employer's sole discretion, for cause or for no cause at all. Employment for a specific time period (or a specific project duration) is self-explanatory. If the employment is for an unspecified duration and not "at will", it is normally interpreted as allowing termination only "for cause", meaning for misconduct or a business necessity such as downsizing.
The duration of the employment is:

"at will", and may be terminated for no cause whatsoever.

unspecified, and may be terminated "for cause" only.

(describe the time period or project duration)

For (i.e.,: "a period of twelve months" OR "as long as Employer has the XYZ contract") Do not capitalize first word or use end-of-the-sentence punctuation.

Trade Secrets:
A Trade Secrets Clause contains provisions forbidding the Employee from revealing any of Employer's confidential information, including the identity of customers, contents of files, or formulas and patents used by Client. Would you like to include a Trade Secrets Clause in this Agreement?



An Arbitration Clause provides that disputes between the Employee and Employer will be settled by an Arbitrator in an Arbitration hearing, rather than via a lawsuit in a court of law. A plus for arbitration is that it may be cheaper than litigating in court. A minus in arbitration is that large attorney's fees may still be incurred, and appeal rights are severely curtailed as opposed to court actions. Do you want the Employment Agreement to include an Arbitration Clause?



Attorney's Fees
An attorney's fees provision provides that, in the event any legal action is taken to enforce the provisions of this contract, the prevailing party will be entitled to recover their attorney's fees from the other party. Do you want this Agreement to contain an attorney's fees provision?



Provide the following information about the place where this Agreement will be signed:


Enter the name and position of the person who is signing this agreement on behalf of Employer. For example, John Smith, President. .

This completes the information input for your Employment Agreement. When you Send this Form, this program will prepare a Summary of the Employment Agreement for your review. Make sure that all facts stated in the Summary are correct in all respects.


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