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Privacy Policy

In completing the legal documents found at this site, you will necessarily be providing information which is confidential to you. This may include your name, address, email, and information necessary to complete legal documents (for example, in a partnership agreement the names of partners, type of business, percentage of ownership, etc.).

All information you provide will remain Private and Confidential. It will not be sold or given to any mailing list companies, marketing companies, or anyone else. The information you provide will ONLY be used for our own billing purposes, and with respect to your name and email information, for use by to notify you of new materials which may offer.

We do not save ANY of the information you provide which is necessary to create your legal document. Once you complete your legal document and log off this site, any information you provided regarding your legal document (such as the names of your children in a will, amount of rent payable in a lease, etc.) will be irretrievably LOST. Therefore, once you log off this site, we will not be able to recreate the document for you, NOR will any person ever obtain any confidential information you provide from our records.