Partnership Agreement
Short Form
The Short Form Partnership Agreement covers standard issues encountered in most partnership situations, and insures that the respective partners put in writing the terms of their understanding.
The Short Form Agreement covers these issues.
This is an example of a Short Form Partnership Agreement.
Long Form Partnership Agreement
The Long Form Partnership Agreement covers all basic aspects found in the Short Form, but includes provisions for additional capital contributions, loans, and Rights of First Refusal.
The Long Form Agreement covers these issues.
This is an example of a Long Form Partnership Agreement.
Limited Partnership Agreement
The Limited Partnership Agreement is provided for use by attorneys and others experienced in securities matters. The Limited Partnership Agreement covers these issues.

This is an example of a Limited Partnership Agreement.
LLC Operating Agreement
The Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement is a standard form Operating Agreement which covers the affairs of the LLC. It is similar to a Partnership Agreement, except for use with LLCs. This form pre-supposes some knowledge of partnerships and/or LLCs.
This is an example of a LLC Operating Agreement.
Dissolution of General Partnership - Short Form
This short form dissolution agreement can be used for small partnerships that have been formed for any conceivable types of endeavors. For larger businesses (i.e., sales of several hundred thousand dollars or more), we recommend the Long Form Partnership Dissolution Agreement.
This is an example of a Short Form Partnership Dissolution Agreement in PDF format.
Dissolution of General Partnership - Long Form
This General Partership Dissolution Agreement contains the standard terms and conditions required for the dissolution of a partnership. This long form is appropriate for most medium to larger partnerships, and covers the standard issues to legally and properly wind up the partnership affairs.
This is an example of a Long Form Partnership Dissolution Agreement in PDF format.
Spousal Consent
A consent by the spouse of a person who signs a contract which affects legal and/or property rights of that spouse.
What is a Partnership?
A partnership is two or more persons engaging in business together. Unless specifically set up as a Limited Partnership, a partnership is a General Partnership, in which all partners are liable for the entire debts and obligations of the Partnership. This is called joint and several liability
Do We Need a Written Contract?
A written contract is not required to form a Partnership. A verbal agreement is enforceable.
However, a contract in writing is highly recommended to (i) make sure the parties agree on basic partnership terms, and (ii) keep a record of the agreement to settle future disagreements. (It is difficult to prove, 5 years later, that you and your partner agreed the $25,000 you invested was really a loan at 10% interest.) Also, most people have selective memory - that is, over time, they start remembering the facts to their favor. After a few years the partners will honestly remember their original agreement differently, in their respective favor. Pulling out the Partnership Agreement will help restore memories and avoid disputes and hurt feelings (and lawsuits).
Standard Business Types
Other than Partnerships and Limited Partnerships, other business organizations are Sole Proprietorships, Joint Ventures, Corporations, and Limited Liability Companies.