How to Prepare a Document
1. Choose your Document and fill in the questionnaire. SEND
2. Review the Summary. SEND
3. PRINT the Final Document on your printer.
Typical Documents Available
Last Will & Testament, Complete Estate Plan, Residential Rent Agreement, Commercial Leases, Partnership Agreements, Powers of Attorney, Consumer Related Notices, Etc.
All Documents offered are shown in
Why Offer Some Documents for Free? 1. To demonstrate the quality of Legaldocs Documents
2. To provide a service to the Internet user
3. To give the User a "feel" how this system works
What does access to legal documents cost? The documents are priced according to their complexity and the amount of work involved in producing the document and then creating the interactive Question/Result format, from $3.50 for a simple product to $27.95 for an entire Estate Plan including a Living Trust, Will, Powers of Attorney, Etc.
Is This Document Right for Me? Find out for yourself. You can complete any Questionnaire and obtain a Document Summary at no charge. You can also view a completed document showing a fictitious fact situation (the "Sample [name of document]" you see in all main folders. If the matters covered in the Summary and Sample Documents do not cover all of the specific points you need to address, you should not use that Document.
Is Legaldocs my lawyer OR giving legal advice? NO. Legaldocs provides standard form legal documents where you can input your specific information into a questionnaire. Legaldocs then processes your information and prepares a custom legal document or contract, using standard legal terms. For most standard situations each legal document provided should cover all standard variables and should be sufficient for your needs. However, if you have specific needs not addressed by these standard documents, you should see a lawyer to review the product produced by this system.