Example Document for General Waiver and Release
General Waiver and Release - Example Document

This General Waiver and Release is used to release one party, (known as the "Released Party") from liability for claims asserted by another person, whom we can call the "Claiming Party".  A General Waiver and Release is often used when the Claiming Party is using the property, equipment or service of the Released Party.

In this example document, the General Waiver and Release is used to protect a martial arts school from liability which may be asserted by one of its students, called the "Claiming Party" in this Waiver, resulting from injuries suffered while either taking lessons, working with the equipment, or otherwise taking part in the school's activities.   The Claiming Party waives his rights voluntarily in exchange for his participation in the martial arts program.

As seen below, it is very important to be specific in describing the activity covered by the Waiver.   In this Waiver, the activity is described in a manner in which releases the "Released Party" from virtually all possible liability to the Claiming Party if he is injured as a result of participating in such activities.


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